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We bring the best to you! Chicago Carpet Care technicians are highly trained to get your home or business sparkling clean.

We use the hot water extraction method, which is also known as steam cleaning – the cleaning process recommended and preferred by all major carpet manufacturers. Every inch of your home or office carpets will receive specialized attention from our experts.

Our machines are capable of cleaning deep-down stains, debris, allergens, and odors. Whether you’re combating tracked-in mud, pet dander, heavy traffic, or spills, we can restore not only the look ofyour carpets, but the health of your home or business too.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, which is why we offer our 100% guarantee on every cleaning. We’ve been helping customers all over the Chicago area for years, and we know we can help you too.


    • Protect Your Investment – Carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction cleaning every 9 to 12 months. This regular maintenance will help extend the life of your carpet by reducing wear, and restoring the original look.


    • Make a Healthier Environment – Eventually, everything ends up on the floor, even if we can’t see it. Whether its dust, dirt, mold spores, or bacteria, these microscopic nuisances can take up residence in your carpets, beyond where a vacuum cleaner can reach. The hot water we use kills most bacteria, and the powerful suction removes the hidden debris, creating a healthier indoor environment.


    • Reduce Allergens – Carpets can harbor allergens, causing problems for anyone suffering from allergies or asthma. Dust, dust mites, mold, pet dander, and smoke can all accumulate and linger for months and years if not properly cleaned. The people in your life will breathe easier after our cleaning methods neutralize and reduce these allergens by 90%.


  • You’ll Have a Truly Clean Home – There’s a lot to be said for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is truly clean. Your space will look and feel great after a professional cleaning.


  • The first thing we do is a walk-through inspection of the areas to be cleaned. We take this opportunity to note any stains or areas of concern to our customers, so we can fully address them during the cleaning.

  • Our cleaning process is the one recommended and trusted by major carpet manufacturers, and our cleaning methods are designed to protect your warranty, as well as the carpet itself. During our deep cleaning, we use specially formulated cleaning solutions, hot water, and powerful suction to pull up debris, allergens, and stains.

  • We use tools which allow us to work around corners, low clearances, or other obstacles. We can move few light furniture pieces by request, but we won’t be able to move heavy furniture or electronics.

  • Because water is involved, customers will be advised of a brief drying time. This will vary depending on ventilation, weather, square footage, and type of carpet, but we remove most of the water from the carpet during the cleaning process. On average, customers can expect it to take between 10-12 hours for the carpets to dry completely.

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